How To Watch The Seven Deadly Sins On Netflix? Know Here

How To Watch The Seven Deadly Sins On Netflix? Know Here

A hundred episodes of anime and two movies make up the Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix. Below we have put some of the updates related to Seven Deadly Sins anime. Have a look and know everything.

This is one of the first internationally licensed anime that has its banner under Netflix and has become the flagship anime on Netflix. Season after season of the anime series fans have clamored for more of the anime and it has taken almost six years for people to adapt the story of Nakaba Suzuki’s manga. Hence, this is more than worth waiting.

However, the interesting news is that fans of Seven Deadly Sins are very much excited to know that a two-part movie event is coming to Netflix by 2022. The movie is going to be the sequel of the anime and will take place many years after the events of the final season.

Season 1- Holy Knight Saga.

Episodes 1-24

This is the season that is having around 24 episodes and all of the episodes are having the introduction of the majority of The Seven Deadly Sins. This means that there is the introduction of a supremely talented group of Holy Knights who got accused of treason at the start and then blamed for the death of the leader of the Holy Knights, Zaratas. After around 10 years, Princess Elizabeth sets out to find Seven Deadly Sins who were the only hope of the Kingdom of Liones.

Season 2- Post King Infiltration Arc.

Episodes 25-28

This is one of the most controversial seasons of the whole series. Do you know what makes the second season very much controversial? The reason the second season was very much controversial is that Netflix chose to list four OVA episodes as a season and had the comments section be filled with outrage as fans wish Netflix is going to correct their indiscretion.

Season 3- Revival of Ten Commandments.

This is regarded to be one of the biggest seasons of the anime, Revival of the Ten Commandments introduces the whole plethora of the new characters that got included in this series. This is the season that is having the best fights of the entire anime just like stakes begin to ramp up.

Prisoners of Sky (2018).

This is the movie of the anime Seven Deadly Sins. Most anime series drop movies but there are only a few that make records by creating the best storyline. This is the movie that falls into the non-canon category too but was given the ability of Sins and all the characters that are seen throughout the movie. However, there are many things to be known but the movie is the best.

Season 4- Wrath of the Gods.

The fourth season is the second most controversial season of the anime. In this story, the demon forces of the ten commandments are continuing to run riot around all the different kingdoms of Brittania as the Holy Knights struggle to repel the demonic invaders.

Season 5- Dragon’s Judgement.

This is the climactic end of the story and it features some of the best fights and huge revelations that are going to change the fate of this anime series. as Seven Deadly Sins come face to face with the demon king.

Cursed by Light (2020).

This is another movie of the anime Seven Deadly Sins. The movie is widely acknowledged as canon to the story. After successfully defeating the Demon King, the world was there in peace.

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