‘Nightride’- Thriller Is Going To Get Released On Netflix Uk And Ireland In March 2022

Stephen Fingleton’s 2021 thriller Nightride is all set to get released on Netflix UK and Ireland on March 4th, 2022. No other regions in the world are expected to get this movie this year. No one knows whether it will get released in the coming years or not.

This is the movie that first premiered in September 2021 at the Toronto International Film Festival. The movie has been directed by one of the best Stephen Fingleton who is most known for his work on The Survivalist and SLR. Ben Conway. He is having two new projects including 2022 short Whale and One Way.

‘Nightride’- Thriller Is Going To Get Released On Netflix Uk And Ireland In March 2022

According to the information, it has been found that this is the movie in which Moe Dunford is the headline actor and is the one who is playing the role of Budge. You might be knowing best about Dunford if you have ever watched MGM Television’s Vikings. Furthermore, the movie also stars Joana Ribeiro.

What can we expect from the movie Nightride?

This is a movie that is unique in its own sense and is a “real-time, one-shot” thriller. In the movie, people can see a small-time dealer trying to pull one last deal through the cash that is borrowed from a dangerous loan shark. When the handover is done wrong he races against the clock to find his missing product and then secures out the new buyer before the loan shark finds him.

Therefore, this is all that we can expect from the movie Nightride.

When will the movie come to Netflix UK and Ireland?

As already mentioned above, the movie will be landing on the streaming platform of the UK and Ireland in March. The final confirmed date for the movie release is March 4th, 2022. Be ready, if you are in the UK or Ireland.

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