Does Season 1 And 2 Of ‘The Punisher’ Leave Netflix In 2022?

Does Season 1 And 2 Of ‘The Punisher’ Leave Netflix In 2022?

The Punisher is the spin-off series of Netflix’s Daredevil series that is available with the first and second seasons. It is expected that both seasons are going to leave the streaming platform in 2022. Here are the updates that you need to have on The Punisher.

It has been a time period of almost 6 years that The Punisher is there on the streaming platform but finally, it is going to say goodbye. Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of New York’s deadliest anti-hero was a sudden hit between the fans of Marvel. Bernthal’s portrayal was so popular that it further resulted in its own spin-off series and then debuted on Netflix eighteen months later in November 2017.

Does Season 1 And 2 Of ‘The Punisher’ Leave Netflix In 2022?

Will The Punisher leave the streaming platform?

Yes, it has been confirmed by Netflix that the show The Punisher will be leaving with both seasons in March 2022. The date when the removal will take place is March 1st, 2022. So, get ready for the removal of Season 1 and 2 of The Punisher. However, if you are wondering that these are just rumors, then you need to know the removal notice is available on Netflix. You can check it out and will see that the series is available until March only.

Where will the series stream next?

After the removal from the Netflix platform, the series will be available for streaming on Disney. Netflix has confirmed that the rights for the Marvel series will be given back to Disney. Whereas some of the older shows of Marvel are dropped on Hulu. So, if you are interested in watching any of the older episodes of Marvel then you can check them out either on Hulu or on Disney. However, to have more updates get connected.

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