When Will Season 2 Of ‘My Name’ Released On Netflix?

When Will Season 2 Of ‘My Name’ Released On Netflix?

After the success of the squid game series, My Name has benefited from the high rise in the consumption of K-dramas on Netflix. But what do you think is enough for an excellent crime drama to get a second season? People are still waiting for Netflix to make a decision whether there is going to be a Season 2 for My Name or not. To have all the updates regarding this, you need to read here.

My Name is a South Korean Netflix Original crime-thriller that has been directed by the well-known person Kim Jin-Min and written by Kim Ba Da. The production studio that is behind this perfect series is Fleet Co. Ltd. This is the production studio that is well responsible for Lucky Romance, Sassy Girl, and many other series.

In this series, the lead role is there to find the truth about her father’s death. A member of an organized crime ring involves police and some undercover agents.

What Is The Renewal Status Of My Name Season 2?

My Name has not yet gained popularity similar to that of Squid Game, but it is certainly the popular one having its own right and has performed extremely well on the Netflix streaming platform in all of the regions. The series has done extremely well but there are no updates whether there is going to be a Season 2 or not.

However, considering how well the series performed there will be no surprise if the series get renewed for a second part. But how the story ended only suggests that there is not going to be a season 2 for this series.

What Will Be The Plot Of Season 2 Of My Name?

There are no updates yet on whether the second season will be there or not. Till the time there are no updates we cannot assume what is going to be there in Season 2 of My Name.

Who Are The Cast Members In Season 2 Of My Name?

Han So Hee is going to return in reprising the role as Yoon Ji Woo. Kim Sang Ho is going to play the role of Cha Gi Ho. The rest of the other cast of My Name will be new. However, there are no updates regarding this, just get connected to know.

When Will Season 2 Of My Name Be Released On Netflix?

The release date for Season 2 depends on whether season 2 is going to be renewed or not. Therefore, we are assuming that Season 2 will be released in 2023.

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