Will Season 5 Of ‘Cobra Kai’ Come To Netflix In 2022?

Cobra Kai is one of the best Netflix series and it is loved by a number of people, and there is no debate on this at all. You can take a look at the evidence if you don’t think that Cobra Kai is one of the best series available on Netflix. As of Jan. 11, Cobra Kai was the series that was hitting the No. 1 spot and it premiered on Dec. 31. There are a number of people who have watched Season 4 of Cobra Kai by now and wonder if there will be a Cobra Kai season 5 or not. All of the people are thinking about whether there will be a Season 5 for the series and if yes, then when will it get released on the streaming platform. So, if you are interested to know about the Season 5 of Cobra Kai, then here is all of the information for you. 

Cobra Kai was a successful show even before moving to the streaming platform Netflix in 2020 but it seems like the Netflix original has only gotten more popular with more viewers since that time. If you are being no honest, then there is no surprise because this is a show that is very well written and has an incredible ensemble cast. It includes two of the original cast members from The Karate Kid, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. With the fourth season dropped on Netflix, people are very much curious to know about the fifth season of the series. Look here to know.

Will There Be A Season 5 For Cobra Kai?

Yes, in the month of August 2021, the fourth season got released on Netflix and the streamer has already renewed the series with a fifth season. This shows how popular the series is and it does not seem like it will lose momentum any of the time.

Will Season 5 Of ‘Cobra Kai’ Come To Netflix In 2022?

We are having some good news for all of the viewers. According to the writer of Cobra Kai , Jon Hurwitz, the production for Season 5 of the series got wrapped in the month of December 2021. So, we can say that the season is currently in the phase of post-production. With all this being said we can expect that the series will be coming to the streaming platform by 2022.

However, there are no proper updates about the release date of the show but we can assume that the series will be coming by 2022 only.

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