When is Dead to Me Season 3 Releasing on Netflix? What We Know So Far

When is Dead to Me Season 3 Releasing on Netflix? What We Know So Far

Fans of dark comedy mention some shows as their favorite, including the Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini starrer Dead to Me. The show was announced to return for a third season this year. And fans are clamoring to see how the story progresses in the upcoming installment. If you are one of these people, you are in for a treat!

Season 3 of Dead to Me is coming to Netflix in November of 2022- the exact date is still left to be announced. Read on to know more about this schedule, and get ready to binge another dangerously yummy season.

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What is the draw of the show?

Dead to Me is one of t Netflix Originals that hit the streaming service back in 2019 and cultivated quite a sizable fanbase in a short time. The dark comedy series is the creative production of Liz Feldman, who is partnering with Netflix for a 2-year deal. The show has received audience love and critics’ attention over its run of 2 previous seasons. It has won around 5 Primetime Emmys since its inception. 

A good reason for the wide reach and love that the series enjoys is because of the titular characters Jen Harding and Judy Hale, played by Applegate and Cardellini. Showcasing amazing onscreen chemistry, the duo brought life to the show, tugging at emotions and sense of humor equally. In the Dead to Me new season, they will continue to get on another unforgettable emotional rollercoaster, of which we are sure. 

When is Dead to Me Season 3 Releasing on Netflix? What We Know So Far

Dead to Me Season 3 Releases Dates 

Two months after the premiere of Season 2, everyone knew from the streaming service that the final and third seasons were guaranteed. If you are still wondering when season 3 of Dead to Me is coming out?. So, you are at the right place. New reports state that the final season will come to everyone’s screens in November 2022. 

How is the production going for Dead to Me- All that we know 

It is reported that the writing for the Season 3 plotline started taking place soon after the renewal was approached. Feldman commented in September 2020 about the third installment of the series, admitting to the approval. 

While the filming process was expected to start in 2020. It got postponed several times due to the significant global pandemic. Production was halted, and it was unclear if the Dead to Me season 3 cast would return. 

Luckily, as per reports, filming began on 10 May 2021, and it was supposed to end by 2 August 2021. However, Applegate’s health issues with multiple sclerosis at the time made the project pause. The fear of Netflix adding the show to its list of show cancellations was rampant in late 2021. However, Diana Maria Riva (Detective Ana Perez) posted about the season 3 filming completion on 11 February 2022, followed later by another production end-related post by Feldman. 

If you are wondering when Dead to Me season 3 is still coming out. The tentative date is November this year. The editing process is currently underway. 

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The wait for season 3 is high- fans expect new twists and shocking turns 

If you are someone who has stumbled upon this article or one researching the show, you must be wondering, “why the hype?” Besides the fact that the season 3 Dead to Me season 3 release date on Netflix marks the final bow to the show, the story itself has picked up momentum heavily. 

In fact, season 2 ended with a significant twist, which fans still examine. If you want to avoid spoilers, this is the point when you press the back button. If not, read ahead to know what happened. 

When is Dead to Me Season 3 Releasing on Netflix? What We Know So Far

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The death of Steve, the ex-fiance of Judy, was confirmed as dead after Jen committed the act. Then, both Jen and Judy got rid of the body’s evidence by burying it in the woods. Fans received a significant shock when Steve returned following that, but it turns out he was his twin, Ben. Not to mention, he was relatively more amicable. 

Overall, it seemed like the life of Judy and Jen was in for a positive turn, with Detective Perez agreeing to keep the real killer’s identity a secret. However, that was only the calm before the storm. And fans were treated to a cliffhanger from the case of Dead to Me. 

A dog was shown to start digging up the makeshift grave, and the scene later turned to show Charlie, Jen’s son, finding her letter to Judy regarding Steve’s murder. But wait, there’s more. Unbeknownst to the unraveling of their secrets in other parts, Judy and Jen discussed going on a holiday after all the drama. But a car crashes into their car at the gas station, and the camera pans to the driver- it’s Ben, the “nicer” twin of Steve. 

He leaves the spot, a la first season, nervous about the incident and without calling paramedics. The condition of their injuries is not entirely clear, making the anticipation of the Dead to Me season 3 release date in 2022 more prominent. 

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