Gentefied Season Cancelled On Netflix: Here All You Need To Know

Gentefied Season Cancelled On Netflix: Here All You Need To Know

Netflix has decided not to renew Gentefied season 3. Because the programme failed to create a significant effect over the world, it was discontinued after only two seasons.

The news that the programme had been cancelled after only two seasons was verified by Deadline.

Season 2 of Gentefied premiered on Netflix in November 2021, albeit with little excitement. The same can be said for the first season, which didn’t even make the top 100 on IMDb when it was released in February 2020. Season 1 peaked at 118 on IMDb, but season 2 barely reached 349 one week after its premiere.

Gentefied Season Cancelled On Netflix: Here All You Need To Know

The show “never featured in the Netflix top 10,” according to Deadline, but this isn’t exactly correct. While Gentefied season 2 did not make the overall top ten, it did spend nine days in the top ten TV shows in the United States.

Another sign of bad performance may be found in the trailers for each individual series, which have been connected to Netflix performance. The first season trailer had 580,000 views, whereas the second only received 67,000 views, or slightly over 10%. The show was on our “hit list” of shows that were on the verge of being cancelled, which we released in late December.

Fans react to the cancellation of Gentefied season 3 on Netflix.

Fans have been expressing their affection for the programme since it was announced that it will be cancelled. On the main Gentefield page, one Instagram remark reads:

This programme is a true representation of Latinos. The cast was fantastic, and you quickly get enamoured with each and every one of them, especially Pop!!! It truly touched home when it talked about our challenges as immigrants’ children. Thank you for speaking out for us.”

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