Ginny And Georgia Season 3: Renewal By Netflix & What To Expect

Ginny And Georgia Season 3: Renewal By Netflix & What To Expect

The comedy-drama Ginny and Georgia debuted in February 2021 and gained popularity since its release. The popularity blazed even further when Taylor Swift took offense to a joke and tweeted about it. The series also exploded on TikTok which also acted as fuel for the popularity of the show. As a result, the series was renewed for season 2, which dropped on Netflix globally on January 5th, 2023. Will we be seeing Ginny and Georgia Season 3? What do the figures say about it, let’s find out.

Once mired in controversy, Ginny & Georgia is back with a second season. Judging by the initial performance, the show is likely to be renewed for a third season. Sarah Lampert, creator, and showrunner stated that the show has not yet been renewed. He added that the production house will see how the show is doing before taking a call on renewal. Well, Season 2 is doing great and might cross the viewership of Season 1 in the debut month.

Ginny and Georgia Season 3 Renewal Status

Official Status: Pending – High chances of renewal (Last Updated: January 12th, 2023)

It’s only been a week since Ginny Aur Georgia Season 2 was released. We cannot expect Netflix to take a decision on the renewal of the show so soon. Netflix takes several factors into consideration before renewing a show, the number of hours watched being the first and the number of days the show stayed in the top 10 list, being the second. Season 2 is doing very well for the first week and may beat the viewing hours of the debut month of Season 1. Let’s have a look at the performance of the show.

How well did Ginny and Georgia season 2 fare on Netflix?

Thanks to the first week’s data, we can see how many watch hours Season 2 managed to collect. The first season of Ginny and Georgia was watched for 381 million hours in the first 28 days. It’s only been a few days since the second season of Ginny Aur Georgia was released and it only got 4 days in the first week. The show managed to collect 180 million watch hours in those four days.

Accordingly, season 2 has to earn only 200 million watch hours in the remaining 24 days to beat the first season, which seems to be done in the next few days. After the release of Season 2, Season 1 has garnered an additional 44 million watch hours. Those who didn’t watch the previous season are watching it before watching season 2.

Flixpatrol released a heatmap of the popularity. The show is gaining massive popularity in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Nigeria, Canada, the United States, Brazil, India, Russia, and many more places.

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What to expect from Ginny and Georgia season 3?

The producer of the show has indicated in several interviews that the show will have 4 seasons. Season 3 will set up an end game in Season 4. We can see Paul and Georgia getting married, Marcus and Ginny breaking up again, a complicated relationship between Austin and Georgia, Joe’s new love interest, and more.

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