‘Inspector Koo’- The Netflix K-Drama Is Coming To Netflix In October 2021

‘Inspector Koo’- The Netflix K-Drama Is Coming To Netflix In October 2021

If Squid Game has made you love K-drama or you are a true fan of K-drama, then you are definitely going to love this new drama coming in October 2021. Netflix is going to premiere a new K-drama series known as Inspector Koo. The series will be released on Netflix in October 2021 only. To have updates about this drama, read here.

Inspector Koo is the upcoming internationally licensed Netflix Original crime-comedy K-Drama. The series has been directed by the best-ever director Lee Jung Heum.

When Will Season 1 Of Inspector Koo Release On Netflix?

It has been confirmed that Season 1, Episode 1 of this brand new K-drama series is going to be live on Netflix on October 30th, 2021, Saturday. 

This is the K-drama that is significantly going to have fewer episodes than any other Korean drama. A total of 12 episodes will be there in the Season 1 of this series. New episodes are going to arrive twice a week. That means one on Saturday and the other on Sunday. The finale will air on December 5th, 2021 and the episode run time will be approximately 70 minutes per episode.

What Is The Release Schedule For Inspector Koo?

  1. 30/10/2021
  2. 31/10/2021
  3. 6/11/2021
  4. 7/11/2021
  5. 13/11/2021
  6. 14/11/2021
  7. 20/11/2021
  8. 21/11/2021
  9. 27/11/2021
  10. 28/11/2021
  11. 4/12/2021
  12. 5/12/2021

What Is The Plot For Inspector Koo?

Koo Kyung Yi is the cast and is playing the role of an insurance investigator. He is frighteningly intelligent and loves to solve cold cases simply for the thrill of cracking. He is the one who helps to bring justice to the world. There is the biggest challenge that lays in front of him when an equally intelligent college student begins the plot of a serial killer in an accidental murder case.

Who Are The Cast Members In Inspector Koo?

  • Koo Kyung Yi- Lee Young Ae
  • Song Yi Kyung- Kim Hye Joon
  • Keon Wook- Lee Hong Nae
  • Santa- Baek Sung Chul
  • Oh Kyung Soo- Jo Hyun Chul
  • TBA- Kwak Sun Young
  • TBA- Kim Hae Sook

However, to have full details about this K-drama series wait till the release.

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