‘The Sound Of Magic’- Netflix K-Drama Coming To Netflix Soon

‘The Sound Of Magic’- Netflix K-Drama Coming To Netflix Soon

After a long wait of 2022, this is finally going to be the year when we will see the arrival of the live-action adaptation of the popular webtoon Annarasumanara, the sound of magic. The filming is officially over and we hope that the release date of the drama is going to be announced soon. Here are some of the updates about the the sound of magic kdrama. Check out to know everything.

The Sound of Magic is an upcoming South Korean Netflix Original psychological K-Drama series that has been written by one of the best Kim Min Jeong, directed by Kim Seong-Yoon, and is based on the webtoon Annarasumanara by Ha Il-Kwon. Producing the series is JTBC Studios which Netflix has worked with many times in the past. Netflix is carrying a number of JTBC shows exclusively internationally and a few globally too. Unlike the broadcast shows that come on the streaming platform will receive all of the episodes at once only.

‘The Sound Of Magic’- Netflix K-Drama Coming To Netflix Soon

What Is The Release Date Of The Netflix Drama ‘The Sound Of Magic Drama’?

As per the updates, it has been found that the drama is going to come on the streaming platform on May 6th, 2022. So, be ready for it, if you are a fan.

What Is The Plot Of The Drama ‘The Sound Of Magic Netflix’?

This is the drama in which Yoon Ah Yi supports herself and her younger sister. Even with her busy schedule, she is with her part-time job and her studies and Yoon Ah Yi is still one of the top students at the school. All that is important is that Yoon Ha Yi wishes to grow up as fast as possible so that she can have a stable job and get closer to her dream.

If you want to know what is there in the series, the sound of magic kdrama netflix, then you can check out the trailer on April 11th, 2022.

Who Are The Cast Members In The K Drama The Sound Of Magic?

  • Lee Eul
  • Yun Ai
  • Na Il Deung
  • Lee Eul
  • Ji Soo

What Will Be The Episode Count In The K Drama Series The Sound Of Magic?

It has been known that the episode count of the netflix k drama series will be 6. So, get ready and watch it out on the streaming platform soon.

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