Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’ Season 3: Back From The Dead?

Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’ Season 3: Back From The Dead?

Mindhunter season 3 might make a comeback in the near future, Netflix hinted. Fans and cast eagerly are waiting for renewal.

Is Mindhunter Returning With Season 3? The cast and crew have been talking about its return in recent times. At the same time, no official update has come from Netflix. We’ve penned down everything we know about Mindhunter Season 3 so far.

Mindhunter has been one of the best shows on Netflix. The show follows the story of two FBI agents who form a new unit within the bureau to study some of history’s most infamous killers. FBI agent Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) and Holden Ford(Jonathan Groff) started the division along with Wendy Carr(Anna Torv) who is a psychologist. Together they begin interviewing imprisoned serial killers to understand their psychology. 

Netflix’s ‘Mindhunter’ Season 3: Back From The Dead?

Initially, the series was set to have five seasons but due to a big budget and mediocre viewership, Netflix put the show on hold with the cast released from their contracts. 

The news of the potential renewal of the show sparked when Netflix told Vulture that David Fincher (Director, and producer) is working on his first Netflix film Mank and the second season of Love, Death, and Robots. He might revisit Mindhunter in the near future. 

Fincher spoke about the show in late 2020, saying that the show was too expensive compared to the viewership. We thought of first finishing the Mank and then thinking about the show but honestly, I don’t think we are going to do that. He said that the dollars should be equal to the eyeballs.

Small Screen suggested that the script for further seasons is in work.

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What the cast has said about Mindhunter season 3?

Jonathan Groff spoke about Mindhunter in an interview during the release of The Matrix 4. Jonathan played the role of Agent Smith in the film. And Jonathan told THR that for him Mindhunter is Fincher. It’s an honor for me to work with him. The moment Fincher said he wanted to do another season, I’d be there in a second. Groff said he trusts Pincher’s vision and instinct and has left decisions in his hand. 

Holt McCallany has been pretty active talking about the show on Twitter. He regularly keeps posting articles covering the show’s potential future. In an interview with GoldDerby in 2020, he said he is optimistic about another season of Mindhunter. He said it was not too late for us to return and hope to see Bill Tench and Holden Ford together.

Who is returning for Mindhunter season 3?

Jonathan Groff is eager to reprise his role as Holden Ford. Holt McCallany is definitely returning as Bill Tench. The show is incomplete without psychologist Wendy Carr who is played by Anna Torv. Sonny Valicenti as ADT Serviceman, Stacey Roca as Nancy Tench, Joe Tuttle as Gregg Smith, and Zachary Scott Ross as Brian Tench, are waiting to reprise their respective roles. 

In late 2021 and early 2022, Fincher was busy working on a Netflix film The Killer which is a comic book adaptation. As per Netflix’s comment, we hope to see Mindhunter Season 3 in near future. 

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Will there be Mindhunter season 3?

Netflix Hints at the Possible Future of Mindhunter Season 3. Director David Fincher is currently working on other films for Netflix and may take a look at the show after that.

Why were Mindhunters Canceled?

Mindhunter was shelved due to its high budget and low viewership. Officially, the show hasn’t been canceled.

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