Real Rob to return with a Season 3 in 2023: Will it premiere on Netflix?

Real Rob to return with a Season 3 in 2023: Will it premiere on Netflix?

One of the best comedy series on Netflix was Real Rob starring Rob Schneider. It’s been a total of four years since the Season 2 of Real Rob hit on the Netflix streaming platform in 2017. Even after originally expected to return and a few years of silence, Season 3 will return but not for a couple of years.

This comedy series debuted back in 2015 has Rob Schneider who navigates himself around the world as a rich Hollywood celebrity. In the series, Patricia Maya Schneider has been stared as does Jamie Lissow. After the first season became a huge success on Netflix, Season 2 of Real Rob was released on the streaming platform in 2017. 

However, to know whether there will be a Season 3 or not, read here.

Will there be a Season 3 for Real Rob?

As per the reports, Season 3 of Real Rob has been there in development for a long time period. There were numerous rumors from the past so many years that Real Rob will return but there was no official announcement about this. Having gone in the dark, people assumed that the Real Rob won’t return with another season.

But this thought that Season 3 won’t happen until September 19th only because Rob Schneider confirmed three things after that. Firstly, he says that Season 3 for Real Rob is still happening. The second thing was that the cast and crew were ready to shoot. Hence, the third thing is that Season 3 will be out in 2023.

Will Real Rob Season 3 release on Netflix?

Whether the Season 3 of Real Rob will be released on Netflix is not yet clear. The first two seasons have been labeled as Netflix originals all around the globe. 

Rob Schneider self-funded the show and was picked up by Netflix in late 2015 after it premiered on MIPCOM. Netflix originals acquired the rights for many of the regions including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Latin America. Unogs says that Netflix has since picked up global rights.

With that said, Netflix has not announced yet whether Season 3 will be out on Netflix or not.

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