When will Season 9 of ‘Wentworth’ release on Netflix?

When will Season 9 of ‘Wentworth’ release on Netflix?

Wentworth has returned with its final season and will be on Netflix in many of the regions. Here is an updated guide that will let you know when you can watch Season 9 of Wentworth on Netflix. Read carefully to know about your favorite series.

Let’s take a quick recap about the Wentworth series. This is a prison drama that originated in Australia and is a brutal series that reboots an 80s series called Prisoner. Season 8 of the series that is streaming on Netflix saw a new leader take over and some characters from the original series of the 80s.

Now, the final 10 episodes of (Season 8 Part 2)  got aired on Fox Showcase in Australia from August 24th. Not every region of Netflix carries the Wentworth series. The regions where Wentworth premiered are Hong Kong, India, Singapore, the US, Canada, and South Korea.

When will Season 9 of Wentworth release on Netflix US?

Before we look at the date of Season 9 release on Netflix US, let’s recap how the other seasons got added.

  • Season 8- The most recent added season in September 2020.
  • In Season 7- The season was added in July 2019.
  • In Season 6- This season premiered on Netflix US in September 2018.
  • And Season 5- This season got released on Netflix US in June 2017.

In almost each of the cases, Netflix added the new season after a few days after the series wrapped up in the US. Now, the show has been confirmed to be a part of Netflix US in October 2021.

All the 10 episodes for Season 9 (Season 8 Part 2) will arrive by October 27th, 2021. However, for the other regions, it is not yet confirmed when it will be released.

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