When Will Season 5 Of ‘The Last Kingdom’ Come To Netflix?

The Last Kingdom is the series that is going to return with the fifth and final season on Netflix in 2022. But it will not be the end of Uhtred of Beb banburg as they will be returning on Netflix for a feature film. Here is everything that we know so far about Season 5 of The Last Kingdom.

The Last Kingdom is the Netflix original historical series that is having a lot in it. This is the series that is totally based on The Saxon Stories by author Bernard Cornwell. This is the series that was once co-produced between British broadcaster BBC and Netflix. But after the third season, this is the series that has been handled by Netflix only.

When Will Season 5 Of ‘The Last Kingdom’ Come To Netflix?

While Netflix keeps on adding the viewing figures for this series, we have seen that season 4 of the series was there on the list of top 10s. In total, this is the series that spent around 25 days in the UK top 10 and 20 days in the top 10 of the US.

Has Netflix Renewed The Last Kingdom Series For A Season 5?

It has been confirmed that the series The Last Kingdom has been officially renewed by Netflix for the final and the fifth season. The announcement about Season 5 was made back on July 7th, 2020.

Where Is Season 5 Of The Last Kingdom In Production And When Will It Come To Netflix?

According to the updates from Alexander Dreymon, it has been found that the filming for the fifth season of the series was scheduled for 2020. All the cast and crew worked under strict restrictions due to the COVID. Numerous production reports stated that the production started in November 2020 at Korda Studios in Hungary. But there was no confirmation till the time a short video was posted back in April 2021.

Through the video posted, it was confirmed that the filming for Season 5 is in production. However, no release date for the series has been confirmed yet but it is totally confirmed that the series will be coming to Netflix in 2022 only. Either the series will be dropped on Netflix in the early half of 2022 or by the end of 2022. So, be ready for the series, if you are a fan.

Will The Last Kingdom Return For A Movie After Season 5?

In October 2021, it was announced by Netflix that The Last Kingdom will be returning for a movie after Season 5. Further, it has been known that the filming for the movie will commence in early 2022. So, get ready and we will keep you updated with everything.

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