Top Five Netflix Series You Should Watch This Weekend!

Top Five Netflix Series You Should Watch This Weekend!

We understand that your weekend is one of the most precious things in your life and we know that you want to spend it doing the right things. So here we are with a list of the top five Netflix series which you must watch this weekend if you want to enjoy it to the fullest!


If a report from The Next Hint is to be believed then Longmire season 7 is not going to see the light of the day in the near future as the makers of the show have cancelled it. The show was one of the longest running shows and it has been available on Netflix for you to watch for a long time. It is a show which follows a very simple storyline and does not contain anything that can bore you even for a second. You must watch this show on your weekend this time for the amazing performances from all the cast and the sheer brilliance with which every single episode of this series has been made. We can vouch for the epicness of this show and guarantee that you will not be disappointed upon watching this show on the coming weekend.


The Witcher can be easily categorized as one of the most effective wins that Netflix has ever produced. A lot of experts can give you a lot of reasons to like the show, but what we think worked for the success of this show is the fact that it presented a character that a lot of people already knew about in an extremely accurate manner. Henry Cavill’s performance as the leading actor was truly phenomenal and he has definitely set the bar extremely high for the actors of coming generations when it comes to portraying the same role. You can watch this show on your weekend if you truly want to have a great time!


A crazy show which got crazier with every single episode and every season that got released after the first one. This year saw the release of the fifth season of this phenomenal show and it received the same love that the previous seasons of this show had gotten in the past. You can watch this show on a lazy Saturday or Sunday if you want to have some great fun!


It is an animated show which was attempt to create something which can stand right in the face of the competition that anime presents to the animation artists of the USA. It is a great show with an awesome concept and you will not feel even a bit let down with any episode of the show. You must watch this show if you love to watch animated shows with serious themes.


The fifth season of Money Heist is out now and if you have got nothing better to watch this weekend, it is highly recommended that you watch this show at all costs. It is an event which you do not want to miss.

All of the above-mentioned shows are great in their own right and you should watch them all. Also, subscribe to our website for more such amazing content!

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