Will ‘Warrior Nun’ Come With A Season 2 On Netflix?

Will ‘Warrior Nun’ Come With A Season 2 On Netflix?

Warrior Nun is the series that is coming to the streaming platform Netflix globally in the year 2022. Here are the latest updates that you need to have about Season 2 of the series Warrior Nun. Check here and know everything.

Let’s get into the series first. Warrior Nun is the Original fantasy-drama series, based on the comic book series which is having the same name as the series. The comic book that is similar to the series is written by one of the best Ben Dunn. This is the series that has been directed by Simon Barry- the same personality who is there behind the Game of Thrones as well. Season 1 for this series hit down the streaming platform back on July 2nd, 2021.

Will ‘Warrior Nun’ Come With A Season 2 On Netflix?

Has Warrior Nun renewed for a Season 2 on Netflix?

Soon after the series was released on the streaming platform, all the fans of the series got the good news that this is the original fantasy drama that will be returning with a Season 2 soon. The writers also teased that they have begun with the writing of the plot of Season 2 for the Warrior Nun. So, this simply means that the series was renewed soon after Season 1 was there on the streaming platform.

Has Warrior Nun performed well as a series on Netflix?

In the first 30 days, Warrior Nun is the third-biggest TV show on Netflix in the world. However, Cursed and Dark Desire were there on the first and the second spot. Therefore, we can 100% confirm that this is one of the best series that has performed really well on the streaming platform.

What can we expect from Season 2 of the series Warrior Nun?

In season 2 of the series, we can expect that the story is going to move forward. The climactic end to the first season of Warrior Nun has left fans with a number of questions. However, telling what will be there in Season 2 is quite difficult at present but yes we can say that the Season is going to be perfect and fun.

Who is the new cast for the series Warrior Nun?

Some of the members that are going to be there in the Season 2 of Warrior Nun are mentioned down. Check their names to know about them.

  • Meena Rayann
  • Jack Mullarkey 
  • Richard Clothier

So, wait till the time the series gets released.

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