‘You’: Filming For The Season 4 Of The Series Has Been Started

‘You’: Filming For The Season 4 Of The Series Has Been Started

It’s now been so many months since Season 3 of the You series arrived on Netflix. All the fans of this series are eagerly waiting for Season 4 to land on the streaming platform. It has been found that the orders for Season 4 were given soon after the premiere of Season 3 on Netflix. Work has been quietly happening but the filming for this season is all set to start by the mid of March. Here are the updates related to Season 4 of You.

The fourth season of this series came into the writing phase in November 2021 with the writers confirming they were back together in their offices and are working on the new season of the series You. This was great news for all the fans of the series. According to the new production schedule, it has been found that the filming for the Season 4 of You is most probably going to get started in the month of March 2022. However, the filming will most probably end after four months which means some point in July 2022.

‘You’: Filming For The Season 4 Of The Series Has Been Started

When will Season 4 of You come to Netflix?

At the current moment, we are having no information on when Season 4 for the series will land on Netflix. Netflix hasn’t confirmed in which year the series will be there for the people. 

According to the assumptions, we can say that the series will most probably come by the end of 2022 or in the year 2023. To have the information about the release date you need to connect with the browser.

Who are the cast members and what is the production status for You Season 4?

Till now, there are no updates related to all this. For having updates regarding this, you will have to get connected.

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