Enola Holmes 2: Cast, Plot, Release Date, Trailer 

Enola Holmes 2: Cast, Plot, Release Date, Trailer 

There is good news for Enola Holmes fans. Enola Holmes 2 is all set to stream on Netflix, and the makers finally confirmed its release. On 18th August, Netflix revealed that the sequel would arrive on the streaming platform on 4th November 2022. So, note down the date. 

The movie sequel was confirmed in May 2021, and there are high chances that Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby will return as Sherlock Holmes and Enola, respectively. 

Until we wait for its trailer, let’s discuss everything you need to know about the Enola Holmes 2 movie. 

When is Enola Holmes 2 Coming Out? 

Enola Holmes 2 release date Netflix is set as 4th November 2022, at 8 am UK, 3 am, and 12 am PT time. 

That’s a slight delay from the September release of the first movie, but at least we can now officially count down the days. The sequel’s filming began in October 2021 and wrapped up by January 2022. 

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Enola Holmes 2 cast: Who’s returning for the second season? 

It is for sure that Millie Bobby Brown is returning as Enola for the ‘Enola Holmes Season 2’. In an interview, Millie said, “she considers the series as the most important part of her career”. 

Besides Millie, Henry Cavill is also confirmed to come back in the sequel. However, there is no confirmation given about Sam Claflin. 

In September 2021, during Netflix’s TUDUM event, Louis Partridge confirmed his return as Tewkesbury along with Susan, Adeel Akhtar, and Helena Bonham Carter as Edith, Lestrade, and Eudoria Holmes, respectively. 

Not just that, we will also see many newcomers in the movie sequel, including Serrana Su-ling Bliss, Gabriel Tierney, Abbie Hern, Hannah Dodd, David Thewlis, and Sharon Duncan-Brewster. 

Enola Holmes 2 plot

The official synopsis of Enola Holmes 2 is released by the streaming service, i.e., Netflix. As per the glimpses, Enola Holmes works on her first official case to search for a missing girl, as the traces of a dangerous conspiracy point toward a mystery that needs the help of friends to unravel. It seems similar to the story of the Mystery novel of the second Enola Holmes. 

Chances are higher that the sequel will be an exact adaptation. However, this is confirmed that the sequel has taken inspiration from the novel. 

Enola Holmes 2: Cast, Plot, Release Date, Trailer

Enola Holmes 2: The Case of the Left-Handed Lady

The filmmakers have set the sequel in the hustle and bustle of London, which is something rare. In Enola Holmes 2, the audience will see what this young girl is doing in this city. 

The makers wanted to introduce Enola to working-class girls and aimed to form a whole new world for her. 

The second season may begin from the point the first season has left. 

In Enola Holmes season 1, Enola resumes her search for her mother. Also, she gets a coded response in a newspaper, which tells Enola to meet her mother at the Royal Academy that night.

Enola knows it’s a scam from Mycroft and Sherlock, so she acts as a newspaper vendor to confirm her doubts. However, Sherlock spots Enola’s childhood toy and understands she is at the place. 

Back in Enola’s room, she has an emotional reunion with her mother, who is sorry about leaving her. In the last monologue to the camera, Enola discusses how she should make her way and says – “I now realize that being alone doesn’t mean I should feel lonely. My mother never wished that for me. She always wished me to find my purpose, future, and freedom. I am a decipherer, I am a detective, and I’m a discoverer of lost souls. I have the exclusive right to my life, and its future depends on me”. 

Sherlock should be careful as Enola is in town, and she will take his cases. But will they end up as enemies or allies in the sequel? 

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Enola Holmes 2 trailer: Is any clip out yet?

On the one hand, the sequel of Enola Homes has been confirmed for 4th November 2022; its official trailer is not released yet. Hopefully, the audience doesn’t have to wait too long for it. 

That’s all to cover for Enola Holmes 2. For more such updates, stay tuned to the page!

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