Season 1 To 12 Of ‘Criminal Minds’ Are To Leave Netflix Soon

Season 1 To 12 Of ‘Criminal Minds’ Are To Leave Netflix Soon

After being there on Netflix since 2014, Criminal Minds time on Netflix US is soon coming to an end. Yes, you are hearing that all the 12 seasons of this series will be leaving the Netflix streaming platform on June 30th, 2022. Therefore, this means that you are having just one month to watch out for the series if it is there on your list. Here are a few things that you need to know about Criminal Minds episodes.

This is the series that was first added to the streaming platform back in the year 2014, the show received annual season drops on Netflix following the season finale on CBS. After being there on the streaming platform Netflix for almost a decade, the show will now begin its slow removal from Netflix and all of the 12 seasons will be leaving.

Probing further, it has been found that Netflix is one of the best places to watch Criminal Minds for quite some time. Ever since Season 13,  Netflix has failed to license the newer seasons. Now, Netflix is having the first 12 seasons of the series and all of them are all set to get removed from the platform by June.

Season 1 To 12 Of ‘Criminal Minds’ Are To Leave Netflix Soon

Where will criminal minds Netflix stream after it leaves Netflix?

The good news for all the fans of criminal minds is that it has already started up with their streaming on another platform.  All 15 seasons will continue to stream on Paramount+. However, if we talk internationally, then we would let you know that the show continues to be distributed by Disney where the show is available on Disney’s Star tab. So, be ready to watch it out on other streaming platforms, if you are interested in Criminal Minds. However, to know more stay connected.

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