Should Netflix Get Rights For ‘Lord Of Kings’?

Should Netflix Get Rights For ‘Lord Of Kings’?

Yesterday, there was an announcement made by Netflix that two franchises from J. R. R. Tolkien is up for sale in both forms of gaming and film and both of them are expected to be at least $2 billion. Here is something interesting for you.

According to the news for Variety, it has been found the rights to both film rights and gaming rights are up for sale. Both the films that are included in this sale are The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The television rights for the show are currently with Amazon. Therefore, Amazon is all set to release their first debut series “The Rings of Power” in September.

Should Netflix Get Rights For ‘Lord Of Kings’?

What do you think Netflix should buy rights for Lord of Kings?

When the Amazon TV show was first announced, there drew comparisons to the movies directed by Peter Jackson. However, the show has moved from comparisons, if anyone is interested in moving the world of the franchise then comparisons will be almost impossible.

There have been a number of reboots of the movie franchise in the past but rebooting The Lord of the Rings is such a big and great task. This is because the movie itself generated around $3 billion at the box office and was nominated for 30 Academy Awards. Anything is possible. Hence, checking out all these things we would say that Netflix should definitely buy the rights for Lord of Kings.

Is Netflix going to have rights for the Lord of Kings?

At present, there are no updates, whether Netflix is going to acquire the rights or not. But it has been made clear that they should have it because it will help Netflix in getting a number of benefits. However, to have more details on this, get connected.

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