When Will The Fans Be Able To See Season 6 Of ‘Riverdale’?

When Will The Fans Be Able To See Season 6 Of ‘Riverdale’?

Riverdale Season 6 is going to Netflix around the world, but when it will land in your portion all depends on where you live. If you are outside the USA, you need to know that getting weekly episode drops with new episodes arriving on Netflix on Mondays. The US has to wait a bit longer to see this season. Here is the complete guide about Season 6 of Riverdale that you need to know about if there will be a season 6 of Riverdale.

Riverdale is one of the longest-running shows on The CW and is the show everyone loves to hate. Adapting the Archie comics, this is the series that continues to be one of the network’s best performers and continues to perform well on Netflix too. Season 5 of the Riverdale wrapped up on The CW in early October 2021 and this is all because of the global pandemics. Therefore, this means that the USA still does not have access to Riverdale season 5.

When Will The Fans Be Able To See Season 6 Of ‘Riverdale’

Is Sabrina Spellman going to star in Season 6 of Riverdale Netflix?

It has been a long time coming given that both Riverdale and Sabrina both come from the same source. Katy Keane also exists in the same universe but is not there on Netflix at present. On October 8th, it has been confirmed by Kiernan that she’d be reprising her role as Sabrina Spellman. Therefore, this is the announcement that came alongside the tease from Greendale to Riverdale.

When will Riverdale season 6 come on Netflix outside the US?

Episode 1: November 17th

Episode 2: November 24th

Episode 3: December 1st

Episode 4: December 8th

Episode 5: December 15th

Episode 6: March 21st

Episode 7: March 28th

Episode 8: April 4th

Episode 9: April 11th

Episode 10: April 18th

Episode 11: April 25th

Episode 12: May 2nd

Episode 13: May 9th

Episode 14: May 16th

Episode 15: May 23rd

Episode 16: May 30th

Episode 17: June 13th

Episode 18: June 27th

Episode 19: July 11th

Episode 20: July 18th

Episode 21: July 25th

Episode 22: August 1st

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What is Riverdale season 6 release date?

The USA is always the last country to watch out for the episodes and seasons of Riverdale. It has been found that Riverdale Season 5 is not yet out on the streaming platform in the USA. So, telling about the release date of season 6 Riverdale currently for Netflix USA is so very difficult. Most probably Season 5 will land on the streaming platform in the USA by 2022 or by 2023. Therefore, after all this, only Season 6 will be coming to Netflix USA. So, be ready to watch the series.

Will there be a Season 7 for the Riverdale Series?

At present no announcement has been made by Netflix whether there will be a Season 7 for this series or not. To have details about this, you will have to wait till the time Season 6 gets finished airing. Get connected to know more about Riverdale.

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