Season 2 Of ‘The Midnight Gospel’ Won’t Be Returning, Cancelled On Netflix

From the current updates, it has been found that the midnight gospel episodes won’t be returning for a Season 2. However, this is not the only cancellation, there are many other cancellations as well that happened in 2022.

In the year 2019, Season 2 was ordered, and the midnight gospel season 2 went on release in the service in April 2020. This is the show that has been created by Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward and the comedian Duncan Trussell. There are so many reviews from critics and audiences alike with some of the reviews saying the series is good, funny, enjoyable, and many more.

Season 2 Of ‘The Midnight Gospel’ Won’t Be Returning, Cancelled On Netflix

Even if there were a good audience, the show wasn’t in the Netflix top 10s on fire when it was released. From the further updates, it has been found that FlixPatrol revealed the midnight gospel season 2 release date only featured in the TV top 10s in around 9 countries with it performing best in some of the regions that are Russia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria.

Probing further, the news of the cancellation came from Duncan Trussell who when responding to a fan said that “The Midnight Gospel was canceled by Netflix.” The show had so many parallels with Tuca & Bertie which also, we hope that it is very much fair to say, left-field in its wackiness. The show went on to and got revived by HBO Max with the second season due to release in June 2022. Therefore, the cancellation of the Season 2 news comes around the time when Netflix’s internal animation teams are facing cancelations early in development and there is a very strong feeling that the golden age of Netflix animation has now passed. Hence, this is all why the Season 2 of the series got canceled and how? To have more details comment.

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