Hilda Season 3: Expected To Return On Netflix With Final Season In 2023

Hilda Season 3: Expected To Return On Netflix With Final Season In 2023

Hilda, one of the best kid’s series on Netflix, was expected to end with the movie named The Mountain King. The film was thought to be the end of the series but that didn’t happen. Now the kid’s favorite series is expected to return with a third and potentially final season on Netflix. When will this happen, let’s find out?

Hilda is a kid’s animated series adapted from a graphic novel written by Luke Pearson of the same name. The series made its debut on Netflix in September 2018. Further, one more season and a movie were released. The movie was thought to be the final entry in the story and was released on New Year’s Eve 2021. Hilda and The Mountain King follows the story of Hilda being woken up in a troll’s body. She must find out a way to become a human again and save the city of Trollberg. 

What’s the renewal status of Hilda season 3?

Official Status: Renewed (Last Updated: January 31st, 2023)

Animation Magazine covertly announced the renewal in February 2022. The article was part of issue 317 and confirmed the return of the series with a third and final season. Luke Pearson, the author of Hilda, has disclosed some significant elements regarding the third season. He confirmed that the third season will start up where the movie left off and venture into uncharted territory.

Luke Pearson also responded to a query and criticism of Hilda being grown older with the story progression. 

Season 3 will comprise 13 episodes. Emerald Wright-Collie is going to produce the series and Monique Simmon will join as associate producer. 

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When will Hilda Season 3 be released?

The exact dates of Hilda season 3 are yet to be announced by Netflix. We are expecting the return of the series sometime in 2023. 


Will there be season 3 of Hilda?

Kid’s favorite show Hilda is renewed by Netflix and is currently under production. Some reports say that few of the voice artists have finished their job. We are expecting the release of Hilda season 3 sometime in 2023.

How old is Hilda in season 3?

Hilda will be 11 years old in season 3.

Does Hilda have a dad?

Hilda’s dad hasn’t made his appearance in the franchise yet.

Who is Hilda’s crush?

In season 2, Hilda declared herself a lesbian and announced her crush on Frida.

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