Is There Season 2 For Oats Studio? Here Is All To Be Known

Is There Season 2 For Oats Studio? Here Is All To Be Known

One of the big things about Netflix is that finding the biggest gems and Oats Studio is one of them. Do you know? There are so many people who want to watch this series and it is releasing on October 1st on Netflix. This is the best experimental series that originally debuted on YouTube and has finally found its way on Netflix now. Will there be a Season 2 for Oats Studio or not? To know deeper, dive deep into the article and have information.

Earlier we reported that Oats Studios has finally arrived on Netflix on October 1st. These are the longer experimental films like Rakka that have a run-around time of 21 minutes. There is also the inclusion of shorter episodes like Gdansk. These are the episodes that are having a run time of only 4 minutes.

 The collection of short films has been there from the director Neill Blomkamp who in 2017 set his own studio independent and was originally set to distribute the movies through YouTube and Steam.

Is there a volume 2 for Oats Studio?

It has been found that the project is not active for around 10 months since the last release. There are some notable exclusions of Oats Studios videos as it is not being available on Netflix, it is just there on YouTube at present. A couple of examples are there because it is a part of the Bad President episode or Praetoria.

While Netflix is licensing season 1 so we can say that there will be a Season 2 as well. But there are no updates on this yet. To have regular updates, you need to get connected with us.

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