‘The Blacklist’: When Does Season 9 Of The Series Come To Netflix?

‘The Blacklist’: When Does Season 9 Of The Series Come To Netflix?

Surpassing around 174 episodes, the series The Blacklist is again back on NBC for Season 9. The episodes for the series started dropping on the television channel on October 21st, 2021. If you have cut the cord and you watch out for the series only on Netflix, then here are some of the updates for you.

‘The Blacklist’: When Does Season 9 Of The Series Come To Netflix?

In the Season 9 of the series, we can see that James Spader continues to play Raymond Reddington. He is a former criminal who has turned himself into an FBI informant and is helping out the authorities to capture countless notable criminals from the past many years with a number of other story arcs going on in the background. This is the show that has been carried by Netflix in many of the regions and it has been so far known that the show’s inception reportedly paid up to $2 million.

Probing further, the Season 9 of the series was dropped off on NBC on October 21st, 2021 with some unconfirmed number of episodes. All the fans of the series will be updated with the number of episodes in Season 3 as soon as we get information about this. According to the ratings of broadcast, this is the series that pulls in a third of what it used to average. In simple words, there are around 5.47 million viewers which is very less for season 8 versus the 14.95 million for season 1.

Which Of The Regions Is Going To See The Weekly Episodes Of The Series The Blacklist?

There are a number of regions where the weekly episodes of the series arrive. If you are interested to know about the regions where the series is available weekly, then check down below.

  • Netflix India
  • Israel
  • South Korea
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Romania

What Is The Netflix Release Schedule For The Season 9 Of The Blacklist?

For many of the regions, fans will have to wait to see Season 9 of the series.

Some of the regions are getting weekly episodes for the series. If you have seen weekly episodes of Season 8 in your region, then definitely this same is going to happen for Season 9 as well. However, for the United States and Canada, you will have to wait until Season 9 gets concluded.

Therefore, this means that most probably we are going to see Season 9 of the series on Netflix by September 2022.

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