Is ‘Fear Street 4’ Renewed By Netflix? What Do We Know About It So Far?

Is ‘Fear Street 4’ Renewed By Netflix? What Do We Know About It So Far?

Netflix releases three Fear Street movies back-to-back in the summer of 2021, all within a span of a few days. The first entry was released on July 2nd, the second on July 8th and the third on July 16th, 2021. All the franchises are based on a horror fiction book with the same name penned by RL Stine. Some reports suggest that Fear Street 4 is all set to begin production in 2023. Has Netflix confirmed the renewal of the franchise for another run? Let’s find out.

Hollywood Pictures acquired the rights to the series in 1997 and aimed to develop films but the project never took off. In 2015, 20th Century Fox picked up the project. The trilogy was produced by Chernin Entertainment and directed by Leigh Janiak. The films were set to release in theaters in 2020, but due to the pandemic, the release was halted.

Later 21st Century Fox was acquired by Disney and Chernin Entertainment terminated their distribution deal with 20th Century Studios (renamed after the acquisition). Netflix picked up distribution rights in August 2020. 

Fear Street 4 Renewal Status

Official Status: Pending (Last Updated: 23rd January 2023)

As per some sources, filming for the fourth franchise is planned to be set in early 2023, but we don’t know whether the project has been greenlit or not, as Netflix is yet to officially announce it or confirm any date.

Fear Street 4 Release Date

Netflix has not announced the release date yet. But if some sources are to be believed, which indicates that the film is in the preliminary stages of production. The film will take some time to release and we can expect it to happen in 2024.

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What is the timeline of Fear Street 4?

Netflix hasn’t officially revealed details about the film yet, but we can guess some details based on some past interviews. Regarding the future of the films after the release of the Fear Street trilogy, director Lei Janak told that he would love to explore more about Milkman. Milkman is a 50s slasher that looks a lot like Night of the Hunter. I haven’t seen any slasher movies from the 50s so this is definitely going to be fun.

Renowned director Chloe Okuno who is known for Watcher has joined the production. Author RL Stine confirmed that the films are under production as the previous ones did well. 

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