When Will Season 4 of ‘Titans’ Appear On Netflix?

When Will Season 4 of ‘Titans’ Appear On Netflix?

Titans is finally coming back with a fourth season, remembering that Netflix won’t love the international rights for this series, the fourth season is soon going to come on the streaming platform. Here are some of the latest updates that you need to know about Season 4 of Titans.

The first original airing of the series on DC Universe. HBO Max has taken over the reins for Titans which is developed from the Teen Titans IP and from the DC IP. We are having a number of DC heroes and villains that we can recognize in and out of the show. Season 3 for this series featured Scarecrow and Oracle. Therefore, for all the people who are not aware Netflix acquired the international rights to Titans starting from Season 1 only.

When Will The Production For Season 4 Of Titans Begin?

As per the latest information, it has been found that the filming for the fourth season of Titans is currently scheduled to begin at the end of February and this will run throughout the summer. Hence, this means that the filming would be on February 28th and will end by July 21st.

If we look at the filming dates of the previous season. We have information that Season 3 got filmed between October 2020 and June 2021.

When Will Season 4 of ‘Titans’ Appear On Netflix?

When Will Season 4 Of Titans Come On Hbo Max?

Once again this is the series that will be streaming on HBO Max. There is no official release date announced for the series to be there on HBO Max. As soon as we get to know about the release date, we will let you know.

Can Netflix Lose The International Rights For Titans?

We could see that Warner Brothers would definitely decide to buy back the international rights. This is because we have seen this happen a number of times. So, even if the series loses the international rights for Titans, then definitely it would be bought back.

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