Who Killed The Sister Of Grace? The Ending Of Brazen

Who Killed The Sister Of Grace? The Ending Of Brazen

Grace Miller is the one who has spent the whole of the season in the search for the killer of her sister. If you have watched the series Brazen, then you might know about this. Here is a short glimpse of the ending of the series Brazen.

Alyssa Milano is the one who got starred as the mystery author Grace Miller in the latest Netflix thriller. The series is totally based on the book Brazen Virtue by Nora Roberts, this is the movie that follows the murder investigation of the Grace sister. From the outside, Kathleen is the one who looks like a high school teacher but she is the one having some secrets in her life. All of her secrets are about to come out and one of the secrets from all that is related to her motive behind her murder.

Who Killed The Sister Of Grace? The Ending Of Brazen

What Are The Secrets Of Kathleen On Brazen?

Grace is there who turns up and supports her sister when ] Kathleen made it clear she was going for custody. It is very much clear that there is a drug addiction backstory, but Kathleen is clean and she is having a new job as a teacher in high school. She is also having some other side hustle on Brazen. Kathleen is not at all sharing her secrets with Grace right away but yes it can easily be found out that she works for a webcam company as an online dominatrix. Their alter ego of hers is called Desiree, and she’s very popular.

Who Is The One Who Killed Kathleen?

Grace wanted to get involved in the murder investigation but nobody wanted her. After all, she is the author, not the detective. She managed to prove that she is an asset to the team. So, she is very much suspicious to know who killed Kathleen. Hence, this is all about the ending of the Brazen.

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