‘Rescued By Ruby’: The Upcoming Netflix Movie

‘Rescued By Ruby’: The Upcoming Netflix Movie

Do you know? Netflix is bringing more real stories to our screens and the latest is Rescued by Ruby. This is the true tale turned short story which is being adapted by a feature film starring The Flash actor Grant Gustin. As per the current updates, it has been found that the movie is going to get released on the streaming platform globally on March 17th, 2022.

What Is The Exact Story Behind Rescued By Ruby?

As already mentioned above, this is a true story that people can watch on Netflix soon. This is the movie that is totally based on the real-life story of Ruby, an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix. Some of the other people that are there in the story include Dan O’Neil, a K9 search and rescue team aspirant. After doing multiple attempts to find a home, the pup was deemed unadoptable and scheduled to be put down. At that time a volunteer trainer named Pat Inman felt the dog was intelligent and hoped some of the special attention and discipline can save her life.

Probing further, she is the only one who contacted Rhode Island State Police who offered her to officer Dan O’Neil. For Dan, this was the best time when he could get his dream job. A lot of patience, hard work were needed for all this. In the unit 7th year, Ruby was the one who found an injured missing boy in the ravine who turned out to be Pat’s son, a volunteer at a dog shelter who saved the life. Hence, this is the short story behind Rescued by Ruby.

‘Rescued By Ruby’: The Upcoming Netflix Movie

Who Are The Cast Members In The Movie Rescued By Ruby?

  • Tom McBeath 
  • Brad Mann 
  • Scott Wolf 
  • Kaylah Zander 
  • Camille Sullivan 
  • Sharon Taylor 

So, get ready the movie will launch on the streaming platform this March.

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