Netflix says ‘No Plans’ for ‘Adventure Beast’ Season 2

Netflix says ‘No Plans’ for ‘Adventure Beast’ Season 2

From the current updates, it has been found that the Netflix streaming platform is currently not accepting the return of adventure beast season 2. Here is why the Season 2 of this adult animated series is not coming to the streaming platform.

On October 22nd, the 12 episodes of this adult animated series hit the streaming platform Netflix back in the year 2021. This is an educational mockumentary series that follows a zoologist, his assistant, and his niece. They all are the ones who are looking to save wildlife but as they soon find out, not all want to be saved.

Netflix says ‘No Plans’ for ‘Adventure Beast’ Season 2

Among the voice cast, it can be seen that this is an animated series that includes Josh Zuckerman, Danice Cabanela, Bradley Trevor Grieve, Piotr Michael, and Rachel Butera. Along with this, all the fans who watched out the series must know that this is the series that is produced by the best Kapow Pictures based out of Australia and Mission Control Media. Whereas the people involved in directing and writing include Zack Bornstein, Bradley Trevor Grieve, and Mark Gravas.

Probing further, people need to know that this is the series that ultimately received mixed reviews from users as it is sitting at 5.2 on IMDb at present with only 549 reviews submitted. However, based on the reports of IMDb it has been known that the week following its release on Netflix, it only climbed to be the 1,652nd and is considered to be one of the most popular titles on Netflix during that time.

Even if the Season 1 of adventure beast was a hit then also the show is going to be canceled for Season 2. The reason for this is not known yet. But it has been confirmed that the show is going to join the list of fully cancelled shows on Netflix. So, don’t build hopes because this adult animated series adventure beast Netflix won’t be returning with a Season 2.

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