Has The Filming For Season 6 Of ‘The Crown’ Started?

Has The Filming For Season 6 Of ‘The Crown’ Started?

Ahead of the news, the Season 5 of The Crown will be landing on Netflix in November 2022, it has also been confirmed that the filming for the final and last season of the series will commence in August 2022. Here are some of the updates that you need to have related to Season 6 of The Crown.

If you are a follower of The Crown, then you need to know about the news that Netflix was originally planning not to release the sixth and the final season of the series on Netflix. In simple words, it was finalized that Season 5 would be the last season for the series. But suddenly everything changed and there would be a Season 6 as well. However, this will be the last and the final season for the series.

Has The Filming For Season 6 Of ‘The Crown’ Started?

When Will Season 5 Of The Series Premiere On Netflix?

According to the information, it has been found that Season 5 of the series will premiere on the streaming platform by November 2022. There are no updates about the exact release date of the series, but yes, it is totally confirmed that there will be Season 5 in the month of November only. Ergo, there are no updates about the production status and everything related to Season 5 of The Crown.

When Will Season 6 Of The Crown Come On Netflix?

As per the outlet’s suggestion, we are still quiet for the time being because it is not yet decided when Season 6 will come out on Netflix. The only thing that we can do for now is make assumptions and according to that, the series will come by 2023. However, to know the exact release date stay updated.

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