Why Dynasty Season 6 Was Cancelled: Know All About It

Why Dynasty Season 6 Was Cancelled: Know All About It

Dynasty is a popular show on Netflix about politics and power in a rich family. The story is about the wealthiest family living in Atlanta, who play dirty to control their fortune. The battle is between two royal families who fight for their richness. It is not based on a true story and hence is fictional. 
The story is said to have a depiction of an American series in the 1980s. The Dynasty Star cast includes Elizabeth Gillies, Nathalie Kelley, James Mackay, Robert Christopher, Riley Sam, Sheridan Ana, Brenda Contreras, and many others. There has been a lot of debate and news on Dynasty Season 6

Some Facts on Dynasty seasons

Netflix specifically holds Dynasty rights. Hence, any marketing and labeling of Netflix in other countries besides the United States will be done under Netflix. The show was launched in the year 2017. It had then garnered more than 1 million views. There was a huge download when this web series was initially launched. 

 In 2017, Netflix received only weekly shows for its international distribution. In the US, the output deal helped to market the series. This output deal ended in 2019. However, there has been a decline in viewership and download when the fifth season is aired. It is being said that change in strategy has impacted its viewership. 

CW requires renewals if the show is broadcasted outside the United States. Previously owners and distributors included Warner Bros, Discovery, and Paramount Global. This helped Netflix to reach a broader audience base. However, it changed its strategy to meet the demands and requirements of audiences in the United States.

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 It would have negotiated with the terms of CW, although the downward trend of Dynasty viewership made an impact. There is not one but many reasons behind the cancellation of Dynasty Season 6

Since there is a downward fall in the viewership and downloads, Netflix will not publish, produce, or market many series along with Roswell, New Mexico, The Flash, and others. Thus, Netflix in the upcoming year will only Broadcast three titles owing to its new deal with CW, which was a dozen.  

Why Dynasty Season 6 Was Cancelled: Know All About It

Cancellation of Dynasty Upcoming season 

One of the major reasons to cancel Dynasty season 6 is the downfall of the viewership. Season 5 could gather only 4,00,00 views. Also, the rights have now been sold to CW for which renewal is needed. 

Under the CW, shows that are marketed outside the US will run for five years only on the platform. Hence, you can watch Dynasty seasons till 2027 from all regions. Netflix is not sure about saving the web series for upcoming seasons. This owes to the continuous downfall after season 1 success. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is a Dynasty? 

Dynasty is a web series that portrays the fight for power and money amongst two wealthy families

2. Why is it famous?

It is very popular for its performances and drama for money and power also because it is a Netflix original series.

3. Is it worth watching?

If you are keen to watch family politics for money, you must watch from season 1. This will help you to understand the base storyline. 

4. Why is Dynasty Season 6 in the news?

Dynasty has been running for five years. After the success of its first season, the views have drastically dropped. Also, the contract with network distribution has changed, so Season 6 will not be marketed. 

5. Can I see Dynasty season now?

Dynasty season 5 has launched. Thus, you can see all the seasons on your account till 2027 only. Since there is a change in contract with the network distribution. Netflix will show only for five years. 

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