Kaley Cuoco Is Teasing Fans With The Hints Of The Flying Attendant

Kaley cuoco has come a long way from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ days. The curiosity of the fans about the flight attendant season 2 is a testimony to all of that. Fans are snooping around to get the information about the upcoming season of the successful comedy drama the flight attendant. At present, there are a number of fans that have received a pleasant surprise when Kaley, the star of the series, has released some of the pictures of the series set. Through the Instagram account she shared some new pictures from the sets, posing with her co-stars. Therefore, this simply clarifies that the second season of the flight attendant Netflix is going to come soon. However, the little irksome for the fans is that there is no official announcement about the drama yet.

Kaley Cuoco Is Teasing Fans With The Hints Of The Flying Attendant

Probing further, on the Instagram account of Kaley there was a post in which Kaley posted three different photo collections. All of the three pictures were different from one another. In the first picture, there was written that Just a few more days left on this season two flight. So, this means that the second season is on the way. She continued by saying that expect more photo dumps coming. With all of this she also posted her picture with the co-stars and clarified to the fans that a new season is going to come soon.

When will the season 2 of flight attendant season 2 get released?

As already mentioned above, till now there is no official information about the second season of flight attendant. We can just assume that the series will most probably come by spring 2022 or by end of 2022. Be ready for Season 2, if you are interested.

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