‘Arcane’ Topples Squid Game On Netflix Top 10s Globally

‘Arcane’ Topples Squid Game On Netflix Top 10s Globally

Arcane is doing something that is depressingly impossible by beating the Squid Game in the global TV’s 10. According to the data provided by FlixPatrol, it has been found that the series has topped Squid Game for both November 8th and November 9th that too globally but is not that much dominating as Squid Game did globally.

As per the FlixPatrol data, the series has beaten up the Squid Game, this is the best series that got premiered on the Netflix platform, September 17th, in the TV global top 10s. On November 19th, this was the only series that scored 654 global points which means it edged out the points of Squid Game as it was 641 points.

However, Arcane has topped Squid Game but it is not as much as dominating to the same extent as Squid Game was in the past few weeks. It is notably lagging in some of the few countries only including the United States which as of November 9th. It is only tracking at the number 8th behind the likes of Maid, CoComelon, Narcos: Mexico, Big Mouth, and yes, Squid Game as well.

With all this said, the biggest original show of Netflix is not at all a feat and we’ll continue tracking as the days and weeks will pass by. This was the series that has received ample press and has built up proper great press from Riot Games. The series launch coincided with the final day of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. Riot Games had streamed with the first episode on Twitch. The series was also included in the game too with rewards available in-game in both the League of Legends and Riot Games.

Meanwhile, we are having some rumors that a live-action project of some description is in development but there are no proper updates on this yet.

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