Is ‘The Resident’ Season 1 To 5 Available On Netflix?

Is ‘The Resident’ Season 1 To 5 Available On Netflix?

The Resident is back with another season on Fox. This means that the fifth season is there on Fox in2 2021 but it is still not available to stream on Netflix all across the globe. Here is information on why The Resident is not on Netflix and what are the alternatives for you to watch this exciting series. Have a look to know.

Originally scheduled to release on Showtime, the series made its way on Fox where new seasons were released almost every year since 2018. Season 5 of the series hit the Fox on September 21st, 2021, and consists of 23 episodes in total.

The Resident is the series that is following a young doctor who is learning from one of the best in the business. This is the show that is a mix between the House and Grey’s Anatomy.

Why Isn’t Netflix Available On Netflix Us?

The Resident is finally now available on Netflix. This is the show that was distributed by 20th Television before being moved under the Disney- ABC Domestic Television banner. This gave a good idea but lets’ dive deeper.

Netflix in the US dropped its tie with Fox during the summer of 2017 and has lost many of the network’s main shows like Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, and Prison Break, etc. Many of the titles moved to Hulu, which is again the best streaming home of The Resident. All the five seasons for this series are available over there, you can enjoy them out.

Why Is The Resident Not Available On Netflix In Other Regions?

Unfortunately, Netflix is not able to grab the rights for this series outside the US. This is the only reason why The Resident is not on Netflix outside the US. Let’s have a deeper look to know where you can stream the series.

In the UK, we can expect that the show is available on NowTV, but if it is not there then this means that you need to depend on the video-on-demand services. This is the same that applies to Australia and Canada with no network picking up this show.

So, the conclusion is that Netflix is not available on Netflix and won’t be there in the future as well. However, the good news is that many of the regions are carrying ABC Gray’s Anatomy. Watch it, if you are a true fan of the show.

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