‘You’ Season 4: When Will It Land On The Streaming Platform?

‘You’ Season 4: When Will It Land On The Streaming Platform?

The most interesting news for all the fans of You is that the series is returning with a fourth season. When will the new season of You land on the streaming platform? What will be there in Season 4 of You? Here are some of the updates that you need to have about the Season 4 of You. Check out to know everything.

You are a Netflix Original romantic crime drama series that has been created by one of the best Greg Berlanti and based on the novels You and Hidden Bodies which is written by Sera Gamble. This is the series that was originally on Lifetime before Netflix picked up the series as their Originals.


When were You renewed with Season 4 on Netflix?

The announcement about the renewal of the Season 4 of the series came just 48 hours before Season 3 landed on the streaming platform. Alongside the announcement of the series, it was also said that We’re deeply grateful that Netflix has shown You such monumental support and people all across the globe are enjoying the story. Sera Gamble also said that the whole team of You is excited to explore new, dark facets of love in you season 4 release date netflix.

‘You’ Season 4: When Will It Land On The Streaming Platform?

What can people expect from the you 4 season?

In the grand finale of Season 3, we saw Joe and Love’s extremely hostile relationship come to a climactic end and that was the time when Joe switched continents to find his latest obsession, Marianne. In the fourth season, we will find out whether Nick will find Marianne or not. There are several other things also that are going to take palce in the Season 4 of the story. So, get ready for it, if you are a fan of Yours.

When will Season 4 of You land on the streaming platform? Or When is you season 4 coming out?

Till now, there is no official announcement about the you season 4 release date. But we can confirm that the series will either get released by the end of 2022 or by the start of 2023.

Is Season 4 the final season of You?

Netflix has not made any announcement on this yet. So, we cannot confirm whether this is the last season of You or not. For you season 4 trailer, you need to get connected.

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