Why SYFY’s Z Nation Season 6 is Not Returning on Netflix?

Why SYFY’s Z Nation Season 6 is Not Returning on Netflix?

The show debuted in 2014 and ended with season 5 in 2018. Although Z Nation has a loyal fan base, a fan base alone can’t save a series. The viewership of the series declined drastically and the first season alone was developed at the cost of $700,000 per episode. Too much money going to the vein with very less viewership was costing the production house Go2 Digital Media unnecessarily.
The post-apocalyptic horror-action series was shelved by SYFY after Season 5, with hopes of fans anticipating Z Nation Season 6. Thankfully, the makers came up with a prequel series Black Summer which is now available to stream with two seasons already released.


The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world caused by a virus that wiped out most humans and turned them into zombies. At Portsmouth Naval Prison in Kittery, Maine, three inmates were chosen for a government-approved experiment against their will. All three were injected with different test vaccines. One among them, Murphy, survived the experiment. The experiment was going on, and suddenly the facility was attacked by zombies. Surprisingly, Murphy survived the zombie bites. His body developed antibodies that can save mankind. He became the last and only hope of survival for humans. 

However, Murphy starts to mutate into a hybrid of humans and zombies. His skin started to shed and turn blue. But he seems to be able to control his senses, staying human instead of becoming a senseless zombie. Also, he was able to control and mesmerise certain zombies. 

The series revolves around the transport of Murphy to the planet’s last functioning Center for Disease Control research lab in California from New York, by a small team of survivors. Simon Cruller, titled Citizen Z, led the group by watching the world through satellite on his multiple computer setups.

However, the group was threatened by Murphy’s dark secret in the middle of the journey.

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Main Cast

Russell Hodgkinson played Doc
Nat Zang played 10K
Keith Allan played Murphy
Kellita Smith played Lt. Roberta Warren
Anastasia Baranova played Addison ‘Addy’ Carver
DJ Qualls played Citizen Z 
Pisay Pao played Cassandra  
Gracie Gillam played Sgt. Lilly Mueller
Matt Cedeño played Vasquez 
Ramona Young played Kaya
Sydney Viengluang played Dr. Sun Mei
Natalie Jongjaroenlarp played Red

Supporting Cast

Michael Welch played Mack
Katy M. O’Brian played George
Emilio Rivera played Escorpion 
Darlene Mccarty played Nana
Lisa Coronado played Dr. Merch
DeRon Brigdon played Wesson
Wizard played Pup
Joseph Gatt played The Man
Tara Holt played Lucy
Tom Everett Scott played Garnett
Zack Ward played Lt. Dante
Michael Oaks played Mr. Sunshine
Donald Corren played Dr. Kurian
Sara Coates played Serena
Aaron Trainor played Will Chaffin
Cecil Cheeka played Uncle Kaskae
Jack Plotnick played Roman Estes
Mark Carr played Sketchy
Doug Dawson played Skeezy
Frank Boyd played Dr. Teller
Holden Goyette played 5K
Lydia Hearst played Pandora
Kodiak Lopez played JZ
Cameron Gordon played Militia #1

Why is SYFY's Z Nation Season 6 is Not Returning on Netflix?

Release Date and Trailer

Since the series was cancelled officially and no announcement was made by the production house to date, Z Nation Season 6 is not coming. However, you can stream all previously released seasons and a prequel series named Black Summer

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Did Z Nation have an ending?

The last episode of Z Nation season 5 was titled End of Everything, which stated the ending of the series and story as well.

Why did they stop Z Nation?

Low ratings, less viewership, and a large budget led to the termination of Z Nation. 

Is Z Nation on Netflix good?

Z Nation scored 6.7/10 on IMDB. 45% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

What is Murphy’s Secret in Z Nation?

Murphy was the only inmate who survived the test vaccine and didn’t turn into a zombie. He is the only hope for human survival. But, he started turning into a hybrid of humans and zombies. He secretly tried to create a new hybrid species like himself.

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