When Will Season 4 Of The Series Come To Netflix? Virgin River

When Will Season 4 Of The Series Come To Netflix? Virgin River

As per the current updates, it has been found that the Season 4 of the series Virgin River is going to come on the streaming platform this July. The season coming in July 2022 is going to be the expanded season of the series Virgin River. One another news that will make the fans delighted is that Season 5 is also going to enter the production phase by July 2022. Here is the list of things that you need to know before the release of the Virgin River Season 4.

Virgin River is considered to be the best Netflix Original drama series adapting the Robyn Carr series of novels. The story of this series focuses on Mel, a young midwife and nurse practitioner who moves out of the big city just to live in a small rustic town in Northern California. Later the story expands.

What is the Virgin River Season 4 release date?

A trailer for the series is yet to be released but something interesting that people need to know is that Season 4 will come in July 2022. The official release date for this series is July 20th, 2022. So, be ready for the series to get released only on Netflix.

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When was the official renewal made for the Virgin River Season 4?

On September 20th, it was confirmed by USAToday that season 4 of the series is going to come. They not only disclosed the news about the Season 4 of the series but also told the fans that Virgin River is renewed with Season 5 as well. However, multi seasons renewal orders are rare at Netflix but yes Virgin River has got one.

When Will Season 4 Of The Series Come To Netflix? Virgin River

How well did Season 3 of the series perform on Netflix?

Thanks to the Top10 figures that we came to know. From there only we can conclude that the Season 3 of the series performed well on the streaming platform.

According to the updates, between July 4th, 2021 to August 15th, the show pulled in over a quarter of a billion hours. It has been known that this is the period in which it was watched 255,120,000 hours on Netflix. Hence, this clarifies that Season 3 performed well on Netflix.

Who are the new cast members you can see in the Season 4 of Virgin River?

Some of the new cast members that you will be watching out in the Season 4 of the series Virgin River are mentioned down below. Check to know about them.

·       Alexandra Breckenridge as Mel Monroe

·       Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan

·       Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins

·       Annette O’Toole as Hope

·       Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie

·       Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes

·       Zibby Allen as Brie Sheridan

·       Kai Bradbury as Denny

Will there be Season 5 and 6 for the series?

Yes, Season 5 for the series is confirmed but there are no updates about the Season 6 of the series. To know about this you will have to wait.

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