Does ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Perform Well On Netflix? All You Need To Know

Does ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Perform Well On Netflix? All You Need To Know

Cowboy Bebop is out for the people on Netflix but the question is how well is it performing on Netflix? Here is all that you need about Cowboy Bebop, have a look.

Released on 17th November, Cowboy Bebop is a brand new live-action series that has been adapted from one of the most popular anime series.

Does ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Perform Well On Netflix? All You Need To Know

Netflix Top 10 Data For Cowboy Bebop

Netflix’s top 10 in the list provides us with data about the different types of series available on Netflix. All of them got split into a number of categories but the two that apply to Cowboy Bebop include “Netflix Overall Top 10” and “Netflix TV Top 10”. The overall includes all movies and TV shows where TV top 10 is just limited to TV shows.

Therefore, this is the data that has been provided by FlixPatrol and is correct till 8th December 2021.

Finland- 13

France- 13

Germany- 13

Australia- 12

Austria- 12

Canada- 12

New Zealand- 12

Norway- 12

Sweden- 12

Switzerland- 12

United Kingdom- 12

United States- 12

Czech Republic- 11

Denmark- 11

Slovakia- 11

Romania- 8 

Italy- 7

South Africa- 7

Belgium- 6

Ireland- 6

Netherlands- 6

Poland- 6

Singapore- 5

Brazil- 4

Japan- 4

Turkey- 4

India- 3

Portugal- 3

What Are The Hourly Viewing Figures For Cowboy Bebop?

Does ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Perform Well On Netflix? All You Need To Know

All thanks to Netflix’s brand new top 10 site, a report has been released through which we come to know about viewing figures for four categories every week. From the release only, the Cowboy Bebop is the show that is featured each week.

As of December 8th, 2021 we are having three weeks of data to date and have picked up 73,840,000 hours but it’s worth noting that the show is unlikely to feature in the top 10s for the fourth week. Therefore, this clearly means that the show is performing extremely well on the Netflix streaming platform.

Where Is The Show Resonating The Most?

Some of the places where the show is resonating the most are mentioned down below. have a look at them for having details.

  • United States – 100
  • New Zealand – 85
  • Canada – 75
  • Australia – 64
  • Puerto Rico – 61
  • Chile – 51
  • Singapore – 44
  • Philippines – 42
  • United Kingdom – 42
  • Ireland – 40

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